Let's Adjust Our Posture Again
Let's Adjust Our Posture Again
  • Lee Gayun
  • 승인 2023.09.04 09:53
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Hello, Sookmyungians! Did you all enjoy the sweet two-month summer vacation? It was very hot this summer, but I hope you all had enough rest.
The hot summer heat disappeared and September came closer to us. What kind of plans are you making to start the second semester with? Aren't you nervous about the new beginning? If so, it may be helpful for you to relax your tense body with deep breathing and reassess your situation.
During the summer vacation, there was a new change at the Sookmyung Times that made our bodies tense. I was chosen as the new editor-in-chief, and along with other reporters, we helped cub reporters adapt to writing articles through training. The training was harder than I had experienced in the past. Giving advice to someone was more difficult than I thought. Although it was a difficult process along the way, the cub reporters' skills improved greatly. We made a lot of effort to complete the September issue articles.
As I became the new editor-in-chief this time, I was excited about becoming a leader, but I was worried about whether I could do this properly. Like this, new beginnings always make us excited, but they also make us uneasy. However, in order not to collapse when facing a new start, we must take a deep breath and correct our posture. If you are nervous about unexpected changes, why don't you adjust your posture toward a new leap forward?

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