Reading the Trend of Innovative Industry
Reading the Trend of Innovative Industry
  • Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2023.10.06 08:54
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The screen of a lecture video


From June 14 to August 31, a lecture titled "The Future Industries that the Giant Model Change and The Methodology and Trend of Corporate Value Approach from Investor Companies" was held. This lecture was for understanding the concept of innovative industries that companies have recently been interested in and applying the major concepts to all areas to be used by students after gaining employment or launching a start-up. It was conducted online, and students could watch four videos on different topics on SnowBoard that could be accessed after applying through Snoway. The lectures covered "innovative industry trends," "the emergence of Giant Models," "investors' perspectives," and "corporate value evaluation methodologies." The first video on the content of innovative industry trends is about the definitions of innovative industries such as platform business and why they attract attention. It explained the structure of these businesses while citing actual companies as examples to promote a practical understanding. Students could realize how these companies quickly followed industrial trends and developed themselves, analyzing the size, characteristics, and history of IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. They were able to improve their ability to plan and apply the concepts learned in the lectures to society. Jeon Chae-won, Division of Law '23, said, "I wanted to learn what kind of industry is getting attention recently and how to respond to it. This lecture was helpful since I could know the impact of future social changes on companies. It contributed to determining my career path." These lectures explored not only the recently popular industry areas but also the perspective of the investors, allowing students to discover new start-up areas and develop their careers. It served as an opportunity for students to appreciate innovative industries that will attract attention in the rapidly changing modern society and think about their careers accordingly.

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