Expressing Amusement Through Fashion!
Expressing Amusement Through Fashion!
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
  • 승인 2023.10.06 08:54
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Please introduce your outfit to our readers.

On top, I chose a cropped t-shirt from What it isNt because I prefer cropped lengths. As I prefer to wear denim, I chose a pair of denim shorts to match. For my bag, I chose a knit because it's soft, lightweight, and easy to carry around, especially for when I have gone to an amusement park in the past. For shoes, I picked a pair of sneakers that I usually feel comfortable in, since amusement park requires a lot of walking. For accessories, I used a scrunchie, which is useful if you need to tie your hair up. Also, it can be a fashion item on its own, even if you don't necessarily use it for hair tying.


If you have your own styling tips for an amusement park, please share it with our readers.

I think the most important tip for creating an outfit is to let your personality shine through without worrying about what other people think. Since this place is great for taking pictures and making memories with your friends, it's important to make the most of your favorite items to show your personality. In order to "personalize" my outfits, I make sure to pick up not only comfortable pieces, but also unique items that I think will look good on me when shopping. For me, the most satisfying amusement park outfits are the ones that combine a style that reflects your personality with your favorite fashion elements.


1. Cropped T-shirt / What it isNt / 49,000 won

2. Denim pants / GUESS / 158,000 won

3. Socks / LUCKY CHOUETTE / 17,800 won

4. Sneakers / Nike / 69,000 won

5. Scrunchie / PLAC / 29,000 won

6. Bag / JOSEPH AND STACEY / 69,800 won

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