The Eyes of a Loved One Are Full of Light
The Eyes of a Loved One Are Full of Light
  • Lee Gayun
  • 승인 2023.10.06 08:54
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Hello, Sookmyungians! The summer heat departed and the cool autumn wind came to us. With 2024 just around the corner, how are you spending October?
I am spending every day with a lot of worries because of the midterm exams soon. As the school year unfolds, my confidence in the future is not clear yet, so it is easy for my grades to make me uneasy. Anxiety makes the body tense, creates stress and deprives people of their happiness.
To lift ourselves out of this depression, we have to focus on having fun. What makes you happy? A word of affectionate support from someone you like? A bed that gives you peace of mind after a hard day? For me, what makes me happy is love. Just thinking about the feelings of liking someone relieves my anxiety and puts me in a pleasant mood.
The object of love may be your favorite celebrity, your family who always sends messages of support, or your friends who will support you no matter what. The abstract noun 'love' takes many forms from person to person. What kind of light comes from the kind of love that only you have? In this world where hate words are more easily uttered than warm words, why don't you try being happy by exchanging words of encouragement with your loved ones?
I hope there will be a warm light of love for you who may feel lethargic these days when it is getting cold.

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