Find Out from A to Z in the Financial Sector
Find Out from A to Z in the Financial Sector
  • Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2023.11.01 09:43
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If you know finance, you can see employment


On September 11, "If you know finance, you can see employment," a lecture organized by the Department of Public Administration, was given. This lecture mainly dealt with foreign financial institutions and what characteristics to pay attention to for employment. While lecturing on general knowledge of the financial field, the instructor explained the benefits of knowing about the financial sector deeply for employment. She commented not only on Korea's representative financial institutions and their roles but also on the technical terms used in the sector. This seemed to reduce the burden of listening to the lecture for those students who do not have deep knowledge of the sector. The financial system of Korea was also explained by referring to the structure of its institutions such as National institutions, the primary financial sector, and insurance companies were covered. She talked about their characteristics and roles and emphasized the reinsurance company with which the students were unfamiliar. Unlike other insurance companies that deal with individuals, reinsurance companies deal only with businesses, so they are not widely known to the public. Choi Su-yeon, Department of Public Administration '22, said "It was good to know that I could choose a career path in the financial sector even though I am majoring in the Department of Public Administration. I wasn't interested in the financial sector before, but this lecture motivated me to consider a career path in that direction." The lecture served as an opportunity to broaden students' career choices by introducing the alternative field of finance as well as the public sector to students majoring. Throughout the lecture, practical advice was mainly given, and many examples of foreign financial companies were used, so it must have been of great help to students who want to get a job in that field.

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