Big Festival in SMU, TESOL BEYOND
Big Festival in SMU, TESOL BEYOND
  • Lee Kwon Sujin
  • 승인 2014.05.09 23:22
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On April 12th, TESOL BEYOND, celebrating Sookmyung TESOL programme’s 18th anniversary was held.  Sookmyung’s TESOL programme ranks top in the nation and has the longest operating program in Korea.  Hong Mingi, one of the promoters, said, “I hope the festival helps Sookmyung Women’s University develop not only its TESOL programme but also the entire university.”  The festival discussed how professors could improve class quality and how to develop TESOL in Korea.  TESOL BEYOND attracted many people from the President of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Branch Manager of Cengage Singapore and others.  TESOL BEYOND held two events.  The first introduced Sookmyung TESOL, and the second consisted of three parts: a mentor-mentee program, an IIETTP refresher workshop, and a counseling booth.  During the first event of the festival, a forum on ‘Current Developments in Teacher Education’ as held and lectures were given from Sookmyung.  During the second event, the main program consisted of case presentations about English education by English teachers from elementary, middle and high school.  Park Daehwa, a teacher from Ungwang Elementary School, said, “I am concerned about student class participation, so I considered what I should do to make students participate more actively.  Sookmyung TESOL has given me substantial guidance.”

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