Energizing Markets: Embracing the Essence of Queen Sunheon
Energizing Markets: Embracing the Essence of Queen Sunheon
  • Kang Kim Hyojung
  • 승인 2023.11.01 09:43
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To promote 'Queen Sunheon Street,' named to honor the spirit of Queen Sunheon, who contributed to the development of women's education by establishing Sookmyung Women's University, various events were held at SMWU over five days from September 11 to 15. The street stretches from the Guldari intersection in the direction of Exits 9 and 10 of Sookmyung University all the way to the Hyochang Park intersection. SMWU's Campus Town and Queen Sunheon Street Merchants' Association collaborated to organize an Instagram follow-and-post event and a stamp tour. The first event was a giveaway of Noonsong tumblers for following the 'queen_sunheon_street' account on Instagram. The first 100 participants received vouchers that can be used at stores along the street. In addition to restaurants located near SMWU, the merchants' association stores include beauty salons, opticians, stationery stores, and photo studios. Participants were also encouraged to take pictures of banners with the names and accomplishments of women independence activists along the street and upload them to Instagram along with relevant hashtags. Participants could spin a roulette wheel to win a Noonsong popsocket, mousepad, keyring, or voucher. In addition to these events to promote the street and honor various female independence activists, an event was also held to revitalize the commercial area along the road. This 'Geon-Gon-Gam-Ri Stamp Tour' was divided into four zones, 'Geon,' 'Gon,' 'Gam,' and 'Ri,' corresponding to the types of stores located along the route, and students who visited stores in each zone and spent more than 3,000 won there got a stamp that could be applied to prizes. Choi Ji-hyeon, English Language & Literature '22, who participated in the Instagram event, said, "I learned about Queen Sunheon Street through the event, and it was meaningful to be able to simply follow and receive Noonsong merchandise." More information is found on 'queen_sunheon_street' on Instagram. 

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