Going Out into the World with a Big Vision
Going Out into the World with a Big Vision
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
  • 승인 2023.11.01 09:43
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On September 7, the fourth lecture of the special lecture series named "What's the Next" was held to commemorate the 117th anniversary of the founding of Sookmyung Women's University. Kim Young-tae, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum (ITF), delivered a lecture entitled "The world is small, there is much to do" on the topic of young people's entry into international organizations. The lecture began by explaining that the ITF is the main body of the OECD that analyzes issues related to transportation policy around the world and discusses solutions. He further conveyed to the students that there are many international organizations in the world that exist in diverse fields in addition to the ones that are commonly known. Among other fields, he noted that gender issues are currently a hot topic in the international community, and there is an ongoing movement to change areas that have traditionally been male-dominated, such as civil engineering and architecture. After these explanations, he focused on the ITF. He revealed that most of the staff members at ITF are from English-speaking countries and hoped that Korean youth would nurture a big vision and play an active role in the international community. He also highlighted the advantages of serving in international organizations, which can diplomatically shape the international community's favorable view of Korea. The lecture concluded by emphasizing that in order to be a part of the global stage, one must be interested in various things that are happening and be able to follow the flow of the world. After taking the lecture, Yu Hyeon-seon, Department of History & Culture '22, said, "It was beneficial to hear detailed stories about joining international organizations that I hadn't come across before. I feel like I have new options for my future career." The special lecture provided an opportunity to introduce the existence of the global market of international organizations to students who endeavor to participate in various activities as global talents.

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