To Open a New Chapter at SMT
To Open a New Chapter at SMT
  • Lee Gayun ,Kang Kim Hyojung ,Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2023.12.01 10:00
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This is the last story of the 90th cohort of reporters, who have led Sookmyung Women's University's newspaper for the past two years. Despite this final story, we hope you will stay tuned for more stories and information from The Sookmyung Times in the future!


Lee Ga-yun

Even though I became a leader unexpectedly, I'm glad that I didn't give up and completed this job to the end. It seems like it was only three months ago that I joined The Sookmyung Times, so it's a new feeling to say goodbye like this. While doing this job, there were times when I struggled and wanted to give up, but I think I learned the weight of responsibility in the process of overcoming problems. I hope that SMT will continue to exist for a long time because, despite the difficulties, I think there are many benefits.



Kang Hyo-jung

I had an ambition to look at social issues from various perspectives at The Sookmyung Times, and to change the world with my voice and yours. During two years of writing articles, I sometimes got frustrated about my shortcomings and feel like I didn't achieve this ambitious goal. Despite that, I am very grateful to both the 89th and 90th groups of SMT reporters and Professor Katy Carter who made up for my shortcomings and helped me complete the articles. Over the course of two years, most of my time was spent working for SMT, so I was often tired of the work and bemoaned my skills. However, looking back on this time, the process completed a piece of my Sookmyung life, as the countless hours of thinking, writing, and reading broadened my perspectives and made me into a more active person. Lastly, I would like to thank two 90th reporters, Ga-yun and Ji-won, for making this such a meaningful time in Sookmyung. I hope our readers will continue to pay attention to SMT in 2024, which will be created by the 91st group of reporters.


Han Ji-won

It's the second time that I have talked to you since I introduced myself as "Lee Han Ji-won" in "New Faces on SMT" in edition 376. It feels like just yesterday that I wrote my first article. I have already written for 13 editions, and I am going to end my SMT life with this issue, No.388. Since I don't want to be a journalist, I felt skeptical that this activity would have little meaning or value for me. However, now that I look back on my time here while skimming over all the materials that I used for SMT articles, I think the experience I gained at SMT shines more than anything else. Each day for the two years I spent here was very eventful. Working through various tasks and problems, I built solidarity with other SMT reporters and relied on them a lot. I will never forget my time at The Sookmyung Times. Thank you to the 90th reporters Ga-yun and Hyo-jung who have been my strong support for two years. Lastly, I want to say please continue to pay a lot of attention to The Sookmyung Times, which the 91st reporters will organize after I leave. Love you!


Lee Gayun / Editor-in-Chief
Kang Kim Hyojung / Woman Section Editor
Lee Han Jiwon / Woman Section Editor

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