Your Own Healing Songs That Heals Difficulties
Your Own Healing Songs That Heals Difficulties
  • Kim Park Yeonhoo
  • 승인 2024.03.04 10:31
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When you walk down the street, you can easily see people using earphones. It's also common to find Sookmyungians listening to music on their way to school. It can be seen that music has become a part of our daily lives. Music is heard in various situations, leading us to feel a wide range of emotions. It gives us a more immersive experience when we are happy, sad, or tired. Especially in hard times, it can give us great comfort. Let's hear what songs Sookmyungians listen to when they are having a hard time.


1. <It's Time to Discover Your Hidden Power!>
(Jeong Chae-yeon, Department of Computer Science '22)

I love listening to music so much that I am unable to go out without my earphones. I have two songs to recommend when you're having a hard time, and the first song is Sia's "Unstoppable." The lyrics of this song include "I put my armor on, show you how strong I am," and when I get ready to go out in the morning with this song, it feels like I'm a hero and getting ready to fight things that are giving me a hard time. I get very serious when I wash my face and brush my teeth, and my coat and shoes seem like armor. I'm also determined to show the world that I'm a strong person who never gives up. When you want to gain courage and confidence, I recommend that you listen to this song. The second song is ITZY's "Bet On Me." I came across this song on the street, and the lyrics were so good that I put it on my playlist as soon as I first heard it. This song has a message that even if you fall, you should trust yourself and get up and run. As I walk down the street listening to this song, my shoulders are pulled back, I walk confidently, and I feel like I'm the coolest and the best in the world. I recommend listening to this song on a day when you want to feel refreshed. I hope the songs that cheer me up when I'm tired will be comforting and positive for others too.


2. <High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco>
(Hong Young-joo, Department of English Language & Literature '21)

Feeling exhausted with what I am currently doing, I find solace and inspiration by envisioning my future dreams while listening to music. Panic! At The Disco's "High Hopes" serves as a powerful catalyst, propelling me forward on my own path. The narrative within the song depicts someone who achieved success after overcoming hardships and tells themselves stories of triumph. It's inspiring for someone to hold onto their dreams, even in tough times. The message in the song resonates with me—the idea that time keeps moving, and perseverance leads to victories. During difficult moments, picturing a brighter side is genuinely helpful. The music itself is rhythmic and filled with diverse instruments, creating an uplifting vibe. It can make you dance even when you're feeling down. Remember, the brick walls are there for a reason. They are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.

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