Boasting Your Own Literature
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승인 2014.06.04  21:18:51
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On May 3rd, the 20th Sookmyung Literature Writing Contest was hosted by the Sookmyung Times and the Sookmyung Weekly.  The contest was for female high school students.  Notwithstanding the gender limitation, more than 400 students participated in the literature writing contest.  First, participants had to register at the check-in counter to receive a nametag and souvenir.  On the nametag was the student’s entry number, which detailed their examination hall.  From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m, there was an opening ceremony at Samsung Convention Center of Centennial Memorial Hall.  After the opening ceremony, students departed for their examination halls to being the literature writing contest.  The contest was separated into three fields: poetry, essay writing, and conte.  The contest ran for three hours, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Lee Dongmin, who participated in poetry division, said, “I wished there was more paper upon which to write.  There was only one paper to use for my answer.  Moreover, I wanted to edit my answer sheet, but there were no extra sheets of paper, so it was disappointing.”  Though some students felt displeasure with the contest, most participants did their best and wrote excellent pieces of literature.  Keum Jinhee, one of the contest promoters, said, “I enjoyed this big event.  I am sure the next Sookmyung Literature Writing Contest will be even more memorable.”

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