Beautiful Voice, Wonderful Chanson
Beautiful Voice, Wonderful Chanson
  • Lee Kwon Sujin
  • 승인 2014.06.04 21:23
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On May 13th, the 6th Annual Sookmyung Chanson Contest was held in Hansangeun Lounge.  The contest is one of the main events in the Department of French Language & Culture.  16 teams participated and more than 60 people watched.  To begin with, the contest host introduced the panel of judges and then explained criteria used for assessment.  The panels of judge were the Vice-president of the Alumnae Association and Professors from the Department of French Language & Culture: Jung Sanghyeon, Lim Haekyung, Moon Siyeun, Daussy Ida, and Lee Yeon.  The examination standard consisted of pronunciation, musical interval and beat, stage manner, and audience response, and each part was graded out of five points, so the total maximum point was twenty.  Jung Sanghyeon, Department of French Language & Culture Professor, said, “I am glad that participants came from various departments and divisions.  I had hoped that students from the Department of French Language & Culture would have participated more in the contest though.”  One participant, Kim Dasol from the Department of Public Relations & Advertising ’14, said, “I chose to sing Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien because the song helped me throughout my days as a senior in high school.”  First prize went to Lee Eunbeul, Department of Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management ’14, but all participants received an Eiffel Tower model souvenir.

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