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승인 2014.06.04  21:37:39
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Recently, Korean singer, Lee Hyori is outspoken about the protection of animals and adopted a dog named Sunsimi.  People are more concerned about animals because of her activities: helping animal shelters and promoting adoption of animals.  What about you?  Are you concerned about animals?  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met Animate (ANI) to talk about its pursuits.


SMT  Animate is a well-known club among university students.  However, students don't know well about its main activities.  

ANI  We can separate our activities into three types: Campaigning, Education, and Volunteer work.  In the past, we only joined other big campaigns, but recently we have formulated our own campaign, which includes animal adoption and donation for animals.  We may host a campaign before long.  In terms of education, we have opened an internal academic conference to learn more about animals.  Furthermore, we teach people who don't know well about pets, how to care for a pet.  As for volunteer work, we have three teams that help abandoned dogs.  Regularly, each team serves at a shelter for abandoned animals.  The shelters are located in Asan, Yangpyeong, and Paju.



SMT  Are your activities limited to dogs?  Do you do any activity that doesn’t include dogs?  

ANI  Volunteer work is limited to shelters for abandoned animals because other animal volunteer work doesn't suit the schedules of university students.  Realistically, we volunteer at shelters for abandoned animals that care mostly for dogs.  However, education programs such as academic conferences, presentations, and others are not restricted to dogs.  Moreover, when our club members go mountain hiking, we endeavor to help wild animals.


SMT  Some people feel it is hard to continuously volunteer to care for animals.  How do you promote steady volunteering work?  

ANI  First, we find proper places to help, especially those located in the suburbs of Seoul.  We investigate places that need student helpers.  Then, we choose the worst places because they sincerely need help.  Choosing a suitable place is important.  Shelters that operate well were the ones we felt were worthy of assistance.  Second, our club members are very tight because as a small group, we enjoy jogging, balling, traveling etc.  together.  Moreover, picnics, MTs, and social gathering programs are other ways we help one another.  These two reasons ensure members steadily and reliably do their volunteer work.


SMT  How do you differ from other animal protection clubs and what is something unique to Animate?  

ANI  Animate is the longest operating club among the Seoul multi clubs, and its operations are improving all the time.  For this reason, members can achieve their dream of animal protection via volunteering.  Additionally, members promote and keep strong friendships.

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