Global Summer in Sookmyung Honors Program
Global Summer in Sookmyung Honors Program
  • Park Ra Minjee
  • 승인 2014.09.05 01:41
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From June 30th to July 11th, Sookmyung Honors Program was held for first year students on campus.  This program was a summer vacation training program aimed at developing students’ English ability.  Programs included Speech Academy, English Conversation, and MOOCs Workshop.  All programs were aimed at practicing English in an open conversation environment with other students.  Since participants were all first year students, each participant could also have their own personal mentor as they learned throughout the day.  Kim Hayoung, Division of Child Welfare and Studies ’14, said, “I developed my English skills during the program comfortably since I was able to get help from my mentor and participate without pressure in English conversations.”  Moreover, special lectures on leadership were also offered to have participants ponder their leadership ability during their school years.  Participating in team work and team presentations enabled firstyears to experience the importance of cooperation during a team project.  One of the supervisors for the Sookmyung Honors Program said, “Rather than lecturing about English, we tried to offer useful team projects that allowed students to participate.”  Even though the program lasted just for two weeks, all programs and lectures were well organized for the participants to learn during summer vacation.

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