Opportunity for Understanding Serbian Art
Opportunity for Understanding Serbian Art
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2007.11.02 12:22
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 An exhibition showcasing Serbian art was held in SMU Moonshin Museum from October 1 to 12.  This exhibition was organized by SMU museum and the Serbian Embassy in Korea.  It displayed artwork by one of Serbia’s promising new artists, Branko Pavic’s, titled Branko Pavic: My lucky star/prints and video work.  Lots of visitors, including foreign dignitaries, participated in this exhibition.  On the opening ceremony, Branko Pavic and Ljiljana Cinkul made their greetings.  In the museum, there were many works of art which represent the Serbian culture and consciousness.  Visitors could better appreciate these works of art through an explanation from the curator.  Hong Kyoung-A, a Moonshin curator, said ,”The prints and video works would give a valuable chance to students and artists.  Also, it would be a great opportunity to introduce SMU to various embassies.”

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