Welcome to Sookmyung Homecoming Day
Welcome to Sookmyung Homecoming Day
  • Cho Park Jiyeon
  • 승인 2014.11.06 20:58
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On October 25th, Sookmyung Homecoming Day, a ceremony for the 15th and 25th commencement was celebrated at Samsung Convention Center. Choi Hyejung, Director of Development and Cooperation Center said “Chungpa Hanul Fest, and Homecoming Day, the 15th and 25th graduation commencements had once held on separate occasions. However, this year’s Sookmyung Homecoming Day hosted the events all at once to make the occasion more meaningful for younger and older graduates alike.” This year’s Homecoming Day consisted of three parts. Before the onset, there was a campus tour for all participants. The event began the opening ceremony. During the second part of the event, an operatic performance and the talk show, ‘Youth Over Flowers,’ was occurred. All alumnae were able to enjoy the performances and share memories through the show. At the end of the event, there was a dinner party. Kim Eunsil, alumnae from the department of Korean Language & Literature '95 said, “It's my first time to visit campus after graduation. I'm proud of develpoments on SMU campus and happy to be among friends after such a long time. I hope there will be more chances to visit campus like today.” The event was surely a means for sharing old friendships and making new ones. It was also a chance to reminisce about fond memories of school.

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