Can You Imagine Using Cellphone in the Army?
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In April, an army private first class was murdered because of a violent act committed by his colleagues.  He had been bullied by his colleagues for a long time before his death.  Moreover, in June, an army sergeant, who had been bullied by his comrades, shot and killed lots of his fellow soldiers.  These big issues show problems within the army that need solving in order to protect soldiers from danger.  Thus, on August 4th, at the National Defense Committee Conference, member of the national assembly, Yoon Huduk, criticized the Army Chief of Staff.  He said, “Give soldiers cell phones so they can call their parents and tell them what’s happening.” The statement became an issue as to whether it would be an effective way of solving problems occurring in the army.  Some people agreed, saying it could free the victim to notify outsiders about happenings in the army.  Others disagreed since there could be security problems.  Thus, the Sookmyung Times asked Sookmyungians whether they thought it would be effective in preventing cruel acts occurring in the army.





- Debate Topic -

The Army Should Allow Soldiers to Use Cellphone to Communicate with the Outside. 


Lee Hyeree

Department of Entrepreneurship '14


In Korean society, serving in the army is a mandatory part of a man’s life.  However, during that period, there are a lot of issues within the army and the troops recently.  The number of deaths has shocked Korean society and the seriousness of rank order has increased the number of unfortunate events inside the Korean army.

In society, there are many different types of people and each individual has a different personality that should be respected.  However, the distinctiveness has not being respected, which has led to differentiating individuals into two major groups: military men who are considered “normal” and those who are considered “abnormal.”  Abnormal men are considered soldiers who need attention and should be watched carefully.  They usually suffer from depression and are blocked from making friends with other soldiers.  They are bullied and it finally results in their death.  After incidents that led to serious injury, death, and suicide, public attention and family worry for sons, brothers, and boyfriends serving in the military have risen.  Also, because of this awareness and public attention, there have been a lot of debates on whether military soldiers who are on active duty should be given the right to use their cellphones while on duty.  I agree that the soldiers should be able to use their cellphones, considering the fact that family members also have the right to be informed about situations occuring on the base.

Many people say that giving soldiers the right to use cellphones while on duty may be ineffective.  However, if the majority think it is a noble way to prevent incidents, the government should consider it or come up with another solution. 


Jin Myeonjin

College of Law '14


Nowadays, because of the problems that are occurring in the army, the army is considering allowing soldiers to use cell phones while on duty.  Some agree since it would allow soldiers to freely communicate with the outside world, which would eventually open up the closed military organization.  However, this can lead to many problems.First of all, it will not be an effective tool to fundamentally solve underlying problems.  

Cellphones can only solve the problem superficially.  More specifically, the cellphone would allow soldiers to tell the outside world all that is happening.  There are already many departments in the army where soldiers can go to report an incident.  Even though these departments exist, problems still occur, so the incidents that are occurring are not due to a lack of communicating devices.  Thus, the cellphone is not an effective way to solve army problems.

Second, new problems will happen because of the use of cellphones.  When communication with the outside world is not controlled, important information that should not be leaked can be released.  This can lead to major problems since the army should be an organization that has a closed characteristic.  Security is the most important aspect of the army.  Thus, it is very risky to allow soldiers to use cellphones for security reasons.

In a nutshell, allowing soldiers to use cellphones in order to solve problems in the army is a bad idea because it cannot solve the fundamental problem and it can lead to security problems.  Therefore, the army should find another way to solve the problems. 


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