Student's Day, Is It Necessary?
Student's Day, Is It Necessary?
  • Park Ra Minjee
  • 승인 2015.03.07 18:42
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Every semester Sookmyung hosts its ‘Student’s Day.’  The purpose behind the day is to enable students to receive useful counseling from each of their major professors.  Students in every major have the chance to spend time with their advisors gaining useful advice.  In order to make the program more active, Student’s Day was deemed a school holiday at Sookmyung.  Classes are cancelled on this day to allow student to participate in counseling activities.  However, the holiday is becoming problematic since it is not obligatory for students.  Many Sookmyungians don’t actively use the holiday for consultation, and instead, treat the day as a no school day.  Because of this problem, SMU may not cancel the classes an Student’s Day from this year.  Is it better to abolish the counseling project or continue with Student’s Day?  The Sookmyung Times asked Sookmyung Women’s University students whether or not to abolish Student’s Day at SMU.

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Student’s Day Should be Abolished in Our University Program 


Park Seohee
Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management '11

I agree with abolishing Student’s Day because it is not only inefficient but also doesn’t produce the results students expect.  On that day, most students visit a company related to their major or have a conversation with their professor.  These programs are quite good for the welfare of students; however, the problem is that not all students receive this benefit.  The activities are usually small group or temporary group activities, so students that cannot join in the activities.  They merely take a rest at home or meet up with friends instead of participating in Student’s Day.  Also, most activities are focused on leisure such as hiking, having dinner parties, or chatting in the private offices of professors.  In other words, the day lacks any methodical system.  During my four-year university life, my friends and I viewed the day as a day-off or a holiday.  I rarely participated in activities on that day.  Moreover, if I wanted to get advice from a professor, I usually asked for a face-to-face private talk. 
Some people might say that frequent official meetings between student and professor is quite important.  Some students would like Student’s Day to continue, but rarely do students attain psychological stability or helpful information through the event.  If students truly desire information about a career or help with job application, there are many other ways such as education programs or professional consulting.  Those other professional programs would efficiently and truly help the students in their future careers or plans.  For the above reasons like inefficiency and lecture cancellation, I wish to see Student’s Day to be stopped.




Choi Jieun
Department of English '13

As a student of Sookmyung Womens University, I strongly disagree with the abolishment of our school’s Student’s Day.  I understand why lots of people wish to bring about the abolishment, but the original purpose of the day was to create more personal and friendly relations between students and department professors.  However, since its foundation, many students view it as a special holiday.
I do not want the day to disappear because I believe that we can change students’ minds and create a day of friendship with major friends and professors not as a duty but out of pleasure.  This can happen if the program and curriculum changes and the school were to support the programme financially.
This day is mainly for first year students in order to learn about lectures and campus life.  Therefore, we should not take eliminate the day but improve policy and make it better way for both students and professors. It could sound very boundless because most of the students and professors are used to the original policy.  I do not wish a complete overhaul of the program, but slight change and improvement.  I believe that the entire thing can be changed step by step.
We don’t throw away things or people just because they have problems, so why abolish our school’s unique Student’s Day? The school body needs to find a solution to the present situation, and if we all work hard at solving the inefficiencies, we will definitely make more long lasting memories on the day and have better school management.  Also, by creating a more flavorful environment for students, the school will increase its reputation.  Therefore, I completely disagree with abolishing SMU’s current Student’s Day policy.

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