Broaden Your Horizon through SMU IEPPF
Broaden Your Horizon through SMU IEPPF
  • Cho Park Jiyeon
  • 승인 2015.04.02 01:34
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On March 6th, SMU held the 2015 International Exchange Program Presentation & Fair (IEPPF) at the Veritas and Administration Buildings.  IEPPF is a semesterly event that is hosted by the Office of International Affairs.  The purpose of IEPPF is to provide students with information on SMU’s international student exchange programs.  The presentation gives Sookmyungians, who want to apply for the program, useful information about short-term exchanges to international internships.   Heo Jiyoung, Division of Economics ’13, said, “It was very helpful. I got information about various programs that SMU provides, and I got to know about international internships, something I didn’t know before.”  The fair continued after the presentation.  Students who participated in exchanges program shared their epilogues: preparations and experiences for those who are interested in the program.  The fair was divided into three sections: China, Japan, and Europe/America.  Kang Soyoung, Deputy Section Chief of the Office of International Affairs, said, “We are trying to provide comprehensive information to all interested students.  Please prepare for an exchange programme in advance in order not to miss the application time period.”

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