New School Hours at Sookmyung
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Sookmyung Women’s University has introduced 75-minute class system from spring semester 2015.  Before 2015, Sookmyung operated lectures at 120 and 60-minute periods.  The system gives students a longer break between lectures, 15 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes, and gives students two full 75-minute classes.  According to Academic Services, Sookmyung introduced the 75-minute class system to increase class efficiency and prevent deficit class time.  Students are now supposedly able to concentrate better on their studies because of the lengthened break time and teachers can complete an entire lecture without having to stop in the middle of a lesson plan due to insufficient time.  However, students are voicing complaints about the system because they find it too hard to concentrate for the entire 75 minutes.  Also, students now have more restrictions when designing their timetables.  Therefore, the Sookmyung Times asked two students how they felt about the new 75-minute class system. 



- Debate Topic -

The 75-minute Class System Should Not Be Continued at Sookmyung.






Min Heekyung / Department of Political Science and International Relations ‘15




Sookmyung Women’s University has started a 75-minute class system from this semester.  However, according to last year’s student body poll, more than 60% of students did not want to adopt the new scheduling system.  I also am not happy with the new system.  First of all, many students feel exhausted from the long classes.  Most students can’t stay bright-eyed for the entire class length.  Students’ ability to concentrate has been overestimated.  Moreover, research has found that humans can only generally concentrate well for about 50 minutes straight.  Koreans have gone through primary and secondary schooling with lectures less than 50 minutes. Even then some students had a hard time to concentrate.  Thus, it is too laborious for students, especially first year students, to endure a 75-minute class.

Furthermore, in my case, I am not physically strong, so I often feel sleepy during a class no matter how interesting it may be.  For me, short classes mean I can stay awake throughout the entire class.  Actually, I was really annoyed when I found out I had to endure 25 more minutes per class.  In addition, sitting that long is bad for one’s posture and health.  It is widely known that even just 10 minutes of sitting can cause pain to your back and buttock.  Students need to have a break in order to stretch their legs after more than 50 minutes; otherwise, they will soon be absent for class due to discomfort and pain.  In conclusion, I don’t support the 75-minute class system.




Shin Jukeong / Department of English ‘15





This semester sees Sookmyung using a new class 75-minute scheduling system.  However, as a first year student, I didn’t even know that this was a new change.  Personally, I can’t really find any problems with the system.  I know that concentration diverges as a lecture length increases, but even though the lecture is long, if we fully concentrate, good learning is possible.  There are some students who doze off during class, but I doubt the number of sleeping students would decrease dramatically if the school returned to its past 120/60-minute lecture system.  Also, the new system seems more efficient in time management for the professors and students.  Professors can prepare for the class with ample amount of time, so they can give lectures which make students to follow easily. Students can schedule their time table flexibly because of the short end class hour. They can choose more varieties of classes. Also, as break time is longer, it is easy for me to use my time wisely.  During the 15-minute break, I use an ATM machine, go to a restroom, buy coffee from a vending machine, and so on without having to worry about being late for the next class.  I have three straight lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I have never felt any burden due to my hectic schedule.  Besides, I think many students are getting used to it.  Therefore, I can’t see any reason to return to the previous system.  It is very convenient and useful.



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