Enjoying Spring by Writing Poetry in Nature
Enjoying Spring by Writing Poetry in Nature
  • Park Kang Sieun
  • 승인 2015.04.29 17:24
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On April 23rd, Lingual Express at Sookmyung Women's University held an event in which foreign students were required to write a verse of poetry in Korean at Hyochang Park.  The theme of the poem was Spring.  The Korean lecturer who hosted the events said, “We held the event to lighten the learning of Korean environment.  We also wanted students to enjoy the warm weather outdoors in Spring in Korea.  The first prize winner will be spotlighted on Sookmyung’s Facebook page where all Sookmyungians can rejoice in a recapture of the day’s event.  It is also a means of promoting the school.”  When participants were asked, “What do you think of this type of event?,” most expressed feelings of satisfaction.  Lisa, a visiting student from Germany said, "I participated in the event because I thought it would be fun and exciting to try to write a verse of poetry in the park.  It was difficult to compose a piece because I had never written poetry in Korean before, but I hope this type of event continues as it’s a new experience for foreigners.  I was glad to write a verse of poetry and spend time with friends."  Other student participants also expected their positive feelings toward this program.  They replied that they would be happy to participate in the contest once again in a different theme.  Other than the poetry, it would be great to give them an opportunity to reveal their thoughts through this program.


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