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Have you ever seen Night at the Museum?  In that movie, every night, all museum pieces come to life.  You are probably thinking that it is impossible since most of the museums you have visited only present historic artifacts and information about the items.  However, at the Alive Museum, you are not a mere observer.  You become the main character and part of each art piece.  At Alive Museum in Insadong, you are part of famous artwork.


Museum Situated on the Street of Past and Future

Alive Museum in Insadong is constantly filled with visitors and has a display of various comments left by Korean guests.  You might find it difficult to get to the first time since the street is crowded and the museum is located in the middle of the main street in Insadong.  To get to the museum from Sookymung Women’s University, students should first go to Namyeong Station, take the subway there, and get off at Jonggak Station.  The museum is located inside the Daeil Building on the B1 and B2 floors.  The museum is the first of its kind in Korea.  It is a domestic art museum that uses optical illusion to display art.  It is loved not only by domestic people but also by visitors to Korea.  The museum is loved by both kids and adults of all ages, so you will notice all kinds of people there such as families with young children and young couples.


Welcome to the Kingdom of Illusion

Some of the artwork in the museum is from movies like Ben-Hur, The Jungle Book, and Gravity.  The pieces give the onlooker a chance to become part actors in the movies.  You are allowed to take photos in this museum, and it is encouraged.  There are photo spots for piece ensuring you take the best picture with the artwork.  Also, you are given chances to be subjects of traditional art like Sun and Moon and Five Peeks or even silly participants like becoming Marilyn Monroe’s supper.  Moreover, you have the chance to lounge around with cartoon characters.  Inside the exhibition hall, you meet various artworks by various artisans on diverse subjects.  Even if you do not wish to be part of the art, the art itself is worth viewing.  However, stepping into the art, makes the art become new and unique. 
Besides becoming part of a work of art, you can also see a variety of diverse pieces.  For instance, you can view Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait.  However, what if Van Gogh had drawn himself as a skeleton?  Nonsense?  Well, at the museum, the impossible is possible.  For example, a hole with lights on the floor of the museum will seems like an endless underground tunnel.  In addition, the big record player makes sounds as you pass by.  Just as these examples show, the artwork is not to be missed.  Hence, visitors are taking constant photos of themselves all throughout the museum.  With the power of illusion and creativity, you can experience a whole new world through the art pieces on display at the museum.


Double your Happiness with Friends

Planning a trip to Alive Museum?  Your fun will double if you go with friends.  The museum allows photos of its displays, but it is hard to take good selfies alone.  Moreover, there is no working staff inside the gallery hall.  Going alone will require you to ask complete strangers to take your photo most of the time as you wander about the exhibition.  In addition to the interesting works of art, there is a Dark Room experience in B2 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day except Mondays.  The program costs 25,000 won and is conducted with groups of 2 to 14 people who wish to engage in activities with no lights.  Another fun aspect of the museum is the Dynamic Maze.  The maze consists of optical illusion artworks and the mission is to escape from the crazy maze.  With a friend, you will have more excitement because the maze is so popular that it takes a long time before you can enter.  You have to wait in the queue for quite a long time, so this reporter recommends you do enjoy both exhibitions; that is, do the maze but visit the museum as well.  The cost for both sections: the Alive Museum and the Dynamic Maze, is 18,000 won.  When you are done and about to leave each section of the museum, do not toss your ticket.  Staff at the museum will check your ticket when you go from B2 to B1.  Without your ticket, you cannot go to B2.  November will see cooler weather, and many of you will want to do an indoor activity.  Why not visit this unusual museum, jump into the artwork, and create a new unique artistic masterpiece?


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