All I Want for Sookmyung in 2016
All I Want for Sookmyung in 2016
  • Hong Ha Sunwoo
  • 승인 2015.12.02 18:03
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Sunwoo, the reporter with SMT had never seen so many placards as what were posted in front of the Myungshin building since entering Sookmyung.  Over the last few months, there have been many incidents that have hurt Sookmyungians’ self-respect and love of the school.  However, these situations have brought alumni, upper year students, and lower year students closer together over concerns.  The Sookmyung Times asked four Sookmyungians from different majors and school year what they hope to see from Sookmyung in 2016. 






Choi Jae-I

Department of Japanese Studies ’15

Because I didn’t see much Sookmyung’s promotion in my 3rd grade of high school, I would hope that the university sparks life into publicizing our university.  So for the 2016 school year, Sookmyung needs to get creative with promotion techniques so that more highschoolers will try to take Sookmyung’s admissions test.  In addition, despite the numerous grievances posted about campus, there are few formal setting debates.  I hope Sookmyung takes a more active role in attempting to establish communication between students and school authorities.







Kwon Nayoon

Division of Business Administration ’14

It’s my wish that in 2016 Sookmyung become or active in promoting the university.  Compared to other universities, our school doesn’t seem as concerned about student enrollment.  I would suggest Sookmyung promote itself by attaching sticker posters on subway cars and issuing banners on internet websites.  With more promotion, Sookmyung would attract more talent students, which could later bring more respect from the public to the school.







Yoon Eunji

Department of Social Psychology ’13

Since entering Sookmyung, I’ve often heard the word communication and many people and school authorities speak of its importance.  However, is there real communication between Sookmyung and Sookmyungians?  I haven’t quite seen it.  The dictionary would define 'communication' as talk in which 'there is no misunderstanding between parties.' In 2016, I hope Sookmyungians are able to see better means of ‘communication’ with Sookmyung.







Lee Jeonglim

Department of Public Administration ’12

I would like Sookmyung in 2016 to receive more praise than complains in order to foster a bright and positive atmosphere for its students.  In a positive atmosphere, each student increases self-respect and see worth in being a Sookmyungian.  Also, I hope professors and students will be able to more openly share their thinking in classes so that courses become active, rather than passive lessons.  My biggest hope for 2016 is that the school increases its good-hearted Sookmyungian community continuously.

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