A Start of New Semester: Registering for Courses
A Start of New Semester: Registering for Courses
  • Kim Seol Jieun
  • 승인 2016.02.24 16:19
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Whenever new semester approaches, sookmyungians get busy planning their timetables. Registration takes place this year from February 12th to 16th.  Sookmyungians can confirm their final schedules on February 19th on the Sookmyung portal site.  According to Jeong Hyejin at the Sookmyung Leadership General Education Institute, Sookmyungians should heed two things when registering for courses.  First, all students who have ID numbers of 11 and above may not apply for cultural study courses if they have exceed basic credit allowance for a semester.  Specifically, there is a cultural studies credit limitation for students with ID from 11 to 14.  The limit is 68 credits, but for students with IDs of 15, the limit is 58.  Also, the curriculum regarding enrollment in cultural studies courses has changed from the 2016 school year.  As ‘Competence DevelopmentⅡ’ and ‘Discussion of Humanities’ classes are no longer available, Sookmyungians from 2016 now only need to attain 12 cultural studies credits, not 16.  In regards to the changed curriculum, Jang Suyoung, Department of English ’15, said, “It is a good change because students are now no longer burdened with trying to complete so many cultural studies courses.”  For more details, Sookmyungians can refer to the official announcement on the school’s portal site.

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