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Light is essential for every living creature in the world.  Light is the means by which all creatures live, and with the use of colours and shapes, we can now see light.  Furthermore, light has now become art.  Today light is used by artists as one ingredient in their creation of works of art.  At Special Illumination – 9 Lights in 9 Rooms, visitors are given the chance to see works of art that are created by light. 



Tricky Light Opens an Ocean of Art

Light has many characteristics.  Though we might “see” sunlight as being white, the colour white is actually created from a combination of red, green, and blue colours.  Also, when an object obstructs light’s path, it creates a shadow.  This scientific fact first entered the world of art in the 1960s when modern artists attempted to create new art trends and experience with ideas.  The experiments had modern artists creating art from light, and thanks to their earlier work, today around the world, there are plenty of famous light art artists.  
To celebrate their work, D Museum invited 9 light art artists to display their pieces in Korea so that it could be shared with Korean locals.  The exhibition has attracted a number of young university students to see firsthand the fantastic works.  For Sookmyungians wishing to see the exhibition, take bus 421 and get off at Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital. Then, walk 10 minutes through the sloped alley way. 



Enhancing the Five Senses

At the exhibition, at first, you may think your eyes are deceiving you.  You will first encounter a calming white light created from 3 dramatic primary colors (red, green, blue). Because each artist used the characteristic of light differently, the rooms are divided into sections.  In one room, the space is divided into 3 parts, but contained the same furniture, just lit with different colored lights.  Looking at the same setting from three different lightings gives one a different feeling for each area and highlights the effect of light choice. Interestingly, visitors are given the chance to cast shadows using colors other than black.  
Besides the sense of sight, the exhibition emphasizes our other senses such as hearing and touch.  Though we typically associate light with sight, here we can see light combined with sound and its movement altered by sound.  This light and sound combination allows visitors to see and hear what light would be like under the water.  Also, with only the use of light, one artist created a huge cylinder to demonstrate surface light created by light beams. Besides this unique creation, in another room, light becomes stronger and weaker causing the resultant creation to appear like an onion peel.  This room embraces all 5 senses, so after leaving this particular room, you may feel exhausted having used all 5 senses at once.



Beauty Can’t be Stored in a Photo

Here is some advice before heading to the exhibition.  First, visitors would have a better experience if they prior to going, download the D Museum mobile app.  It allows one to receive free curator explanation of the museum.  Also, keep your ticket stub because it allows visitors return visits anytime during the exhibition period.  Unlike other exhibitions, this exhibition allows visitors to take photos freely as long as the flash is turned off. However, you will find that your photos will be disappointing as they will not capture the beauty of the art work created by light.  Because light is constantly changing shape and color, it is not possible to get a still photo.  Instead, to capture this for your memory, visitors should take a video at the exhibition.  Even if you do manage to get a fairly decent photo, it will not do justice to the real art piece.  It will not capture all the beauty of the original work, and it will be impossible to capture the entire area on a small screen.  Hence, it is best to see the exhibition with your own eyes and experience the new world that light gives.  The opportunity to visit this kind of exhibition may not come again, so head to D Museum, and enter a world of light magic!


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