Korean Adoptees in the U.S. become Sookmyungians’ Friends
Korean Adoptees in the U.S. become Sookmyungians’ Friends
  • Kim Lim Minji
  • 승인 2016.09.04 13:51
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From July 19th to 21th, a program that allowed Korean adoptees and their U.S.A. families to visit Korea to experience Korean culture was held.  The program was hosted by Sookmyung society services team and Sookmyung Institute for Multiculture Studies in Korea and ‘The New York Albany Rainbow camp’ and ‘Rochester Heart and Seoul’ outside Korea.  Huh Misung, Sookmyung society services team and head of the program, said “It is hoped that this program will inspire Korean adoptees to identify themselves as Korean and enhance relationships between Korea and the U.S.A.”  The program began with a welcome address in the lobby of Sookmyung Museum on July 19th, and it was attended by 4 Korean adoptees, their families in the U.S, and the Sookmyung SIWA volunteering club.   Together they visited several places that would help adoptees to experience and understand Korean culture in Seoul, suburb living in Seoul, and Incheon.  Yu Juhyun, Department of Business Administration ’14, said “Before participating in this program, I’d already met these adoptees in the U.S. when I visited there with SIWA, so it was a great chance to meet them again, but this time here in Korea.  I loved showing them Korean culture.”  Through programs like this one, the gentle power of Sookmyung is indeed changing the world.  

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