Google maps should be allowed in Korea
Kim Kim Hyuna  |  smt_kha@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2016.10.06  18:00:03
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These days, controversy over Google maps in Korea is a big issue.  Some people say the government should not allow Google maps due to security problems and the need to protect one’s privacy.  On the other hand, others insist that Google maps should be allowed in order to prevent Korea from falling behind other industries in the globalized world.  To discuss this hot issue, SMT asked two students to share their thoughts.


-Debate Topic-
Should Google maps be allowed in Korea?





Lee Jeoung Woo
Department of Business Administration ’16






Nowadays, the smartphone app game ‘Pokemon Go’ has become a huge hit in foreign countries as well as here in Korea.  However, the sad fact is that few Koreans can play Pokemon Go and many cannot download the app since Google map, the basis for the game, has limited functionality here in Korea.  Many people are calling for Google maps to be allowed in Korea.  After the government talks on August 24th, the government could not decide but instead announced it would further lengthen discussion on the issue.  A decision is expected after 60 days on whether to allow Google maps in Korea.  Personally, I would like to have access to Google maps in Korea.  Prohibiting or restricting the Google map app will only result in disadvantages for Korea such as trade conflicts, hardships when establishing new industries and international problems.  Also, economically, Board of Trade and experts from diverse fields claim that Google maps would ease the local start-up businesses and overseas expansion would be easier.  Moreover, in terms of innovation, Google maps can be used in various activities like GPS systems and self-driving cars. Thus, from economic and innovation perspectives, allowing Google maps in Korea would benefit Korea and the profit earned would lead Korea in today’s globalized world. Therefore, I firmly believe Korea should permit the use of Google maps in Korea.






Kim Hyesoo
Department of Law ’16





Just recently, Facebook was under scrutiny for informing a user’s of their friends’ location. People are now able to easily locate someone using wi-fi.  Like this, the topic of whether to allow Google maps in Korea is questionable as it requires the user to allow the app to access their immediate location.  Considering the increase in crime lately, accessing one’s private information should not be allowed.  First of all, crime will continue to rise. Criminals will have access to victims’ personal location, which makes criminal activity much easier.  With Google maps, criminals can concretely locate a person.  Moreover, one's privacy is actually being invaded by Google maps.  Although we are living in an information society, protecting one’s private information is essential, and Google maps could harm a person by exposing their location and invading their privacy.  In other words, Google Maps ignores one’s privacy and provides the location of a person. Therefore, Google Maps will cause more problems than providing benefits.  It should not be accepted for its lack of concern for a person’s privacy and for its possible use in criminal activity.



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