The Best Game of 2016; Overwatch
The Best Game of 2016; Overwatch
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2016.10.12 18:26
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Blizzard Entertainment introduced a new game named ‘Overwatch’ on May 24th, 2016.  Many people said it would not be a hit in Korea since it costs 45,000 won to download and play.  Typically, Koreans will play games that are free to download, which is the reason for the success of League of Legend (LOL).  However, despite the concern, Overwatch ranks as the top played game in Korea in just 4 months.  One reason for its success is that is easy to play.  With simple commands and directions, anyone new to the game can easily pick it up.  Also, because it guarantees a stable server connection, Overwatch gamers do not need to worry about the loading time.  League of Legend gamers had to wait long periods of time before the game introduction: ‘Welcome to the canyon of summoner’ could be heard.  However, Blizzard Entertainment, the company that created Overwatch has addressed the interconnectivity issue so that gamers may enjoy the game without any inconveniences.  Moreover, Overwatch makes use of high-quality graphics and bright colors to attract gamers of all kinds.  In the past, First Person Shooting (FPS) games centered on darker more eerie graphics, but today’s gamers are attracted by state-of-the-art new graphics, which seems to be another reason behind the success of games.

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