The Voice of Students toward Government, Siguk-Seonon
Kim Kim Soohee  |  smt_sooooh@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2016.12.10  22:27:09
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On Thursday October 27th, a huge number of Sookmyung Women’s University students gathered in Queen Sunheon square.  The Emergency Planning Committee at Sookmyung Women’s University uploaded a notice on Sookmyung’s online community calling for Siguk-Seonon.  Siguk-Seonon is a political manifesto of opinions and objectives was formed by an organization of intellectuals including professors and religious personnel. Although the announcement came during midterm week, approximately 1,000 Sookmyungians came out to Queen Sunheon Square to participate in the demonstration. The students also held pickets that were covered with words like ‘Go Forward Sookmyung’ or ‘President Park Must Step Down’.  Students freely voiced their opinion on the government and the nation’s present situation.  They were both angry and feeling a sense of loss.  By expressing themselves as a group, they hoped to show support for the fight against the unethically and illegal behaviour of the government.  Kim Minji, Department of French Language and Culture ’16, said, “I wanted to voice my distrust of President Park and support the idea that she must step down as president.  Together as a unified nation our voices will be heard.”  About 1,000 Sookmyungians showed their gentle but strong power by protesting in unison.  The Emergency Planning Committee expressed its gratitude for students’ cooperation on the Sookmyung community, Everytime.

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