Presidential Election in Sync with the Cherry Blossomes
Choi Shin Woohyun  |  smt_swh@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2017.04.10  20:18:09
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Due to President Park's impeachment, the presidential election scheduled for December got moved to May 9th.  Because of the Constitutional Court's decision to rule in favor of impeachment of President Park on March 10th, South Korea needed to rush to replace the empty position.  According to the Constitution, a presidential election should take place within 60 days after impeachment charges are upheld.  Hwang Gyoan, current acting president, announced early elections will take place on May 9th.  People were shocked and this will be the first ever spring time presidential election in South Korean history.  A number of young adults were dismayed to learn of a spring election because they will not be able to vote in the election as they will not have reached the age of 19 by May 9th.  In fact, the number of young unqualified voters is estimated to about 600,000.  Many younger adults passionately desired to vote in the upcoming presidential election but it will not be possible as their birth month is later on during the year.  Instead, these young adults lift up their feet to make an early presidential election better – For instance, the 'National University Student Council Network For Realization University Students' Demand in 19th Presidential Election' urged university students to voice their demands to presidential candidates.  Likewise, because this early presidential election affects everyone including those in their twenties, university students should pay serious attention to the candidates campaigning for president and vote wisely on May 9th.

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