Prisoner Number 503, Formal President Park
Prisoner Number 503, Formal President Park
  • Kim Lee Jihyun
  • 승인 2017.06.23 02:25
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South Korea’s first ever impeached president is now a prisoner.  On March 31st, former president Park was taken and imprisoned in Seoul Detention Center.  Park becomes the third president to serve a prison sentence, with the others being Jeon Duhwan and Noh Taeu.  The last time a president was imprisoned was 22 years in 1995.  Former president Park took 8 hours and 41 minutes’ screening to get warrant screening on 30 March from 10:30 a.m. to 7:11 p.m.  After initial interrogation, she awaited the court’s decision.  Judge Kang Buyeong issued the warrant for her arrest on the 31st at 3:03 a.m.  Judge Kang said, “There is sufficient proof of evidence destruction by Park, which necessitates an arrest.”  Park entered a plea of not guilty and denied all 13 charges including abuse of power and accepting of bribes.  This continuous denials about charges, several refusal to investigation of the prosecution are considered as concern for destruction of evidence.  The judge also took into consideration Park’s role in the Lee Jaeyong, Vice-Chairperson of Samsung Electronics, bribery scandal when making the decision.  The arrest of Park heights the probability of her being found guilty later on criminal charges.  All Koreans are now waiting expectantly for the trial and its results.  The charge of accepting a bribe holds the longest jail time for Park if she is found guilty.  It is said that she accepted a 433 billion won bride from Lee and the Samsung group.  Legal experts say if it was revealed as guilty, she could face life imprisonment or a minimum of 10-years or more of prison labor.  At the moment, Park has yet to stand trial and before her trial even begins, the prosecution and special prosecutor has much to verify.  At the moment, Park and Choi Soonsil are suspected of operating MIR and K-Sports foundations together. Also, if Lee illegally requested money to Park, Park is guilty in charge of bribe.  The prosecution is expected to present its case sometime around the middle of April, and until that date, Park is expected to remain at the Seoul Detention Center.


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