Boating on the Han River, Tubester
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April 25th, this is SMT reporter’s birthday, and I wanted to spend time with family or friends.  Unfortunately, in 2017, April 25th fell during midterm period, so I spent the day studying.  Friends, trying to cheer me up, suggested holding a belated birthday party once exams were over, so I went online to find something out of the ordinary.  Because April 27 was the last day of midterm, my birthday event was arranged on that day.


Tubester, the New Way to Enjoy Boating  

‘Tubester’ is a boat that holds 6 people.  After seeing it on several TV shows such as The Return of Superman, I thought it might be great fun.  According to the official home page of Tubester, people enjoy boating while they eat or drink because there is a small table in center of the boat.  Passengers are allowed to bring on board all kinds of food such as fried chicken, sandwiches, kimbap, and tteok-bokki; however, there is a strict no alcohol regulation that is enforced for safety reasons.  Anyone over 19 years of age is permitted to drive the boat, and it’s easy to navigate along the water.  It costs 30,000 won for 30 minutes and 45,000 won for an hour.  While it may seem pricy, after splitting the bill with everyone in the group, it’s not that much to bear. Those interested in renting a Tubester should head to Some Solvit or HanhwaSeorak resorts.  Because the latter is quite far from Seoul, this SMT reporter decided on Some Solvit.  From Sookmyung Women’s University, Some Sovit is easily reached by public transportation.  Simply hop on the 740 bus from bus stop 03180 in front of Hyochang Park Station and get off at Banpo-Hangang Park, Some Sevit.  It will take roughly 20 minutes.  After arriving, look for the huge orange and red Tubester banner colour and head in its direction.


Birthday Party in Tubester  

Including this SMT reporter, our group of 6 people arrived at Some Solvit full of excitement.  Sadly, the weather was not accommodating at first.  There were strong winds and the Tubester rental place was not allowing anyone to head out on the water.  Each of us soon felt a cloud of disappointment overhead.  However, instead of leaving depressed, the group decided to wait a while in hopes that the weather would improve.  Also, with exams over and done with, there was nothing really to be sad about.  It was a time to enjoy ourselves.  The group ordered 4 fried chicken meals and passed time chitchatting and taking photos.  An hour and a half later, we got a telephone call saying that the Tubesters were operating again.  Immediately, the group set off to rent a Tubester.

All passengers are required to wear lifejackets for safety before boarding the boat.  With lifejackets on and emotions high, a Tubester staff member greeted us and explained how to navigate the boat. It was much easier than we’d expected.  Once instructors were complete, we set sail on our own in a Tubester.  We soon realized learning and doing were completely different.  The water was still rough, though the weather had improved, and the wind blew cold and sharp.  Still, where there’s a will, there’s a way and after several trials, this SMT reporter got the hand of it.
As seen on the website, the Tubester did indeed have a table in its center, so we were able to continue eating the fried chicken and drinking the soda we’d bought earlier.  However, we encountered troubles again.  Someone has seasickness due to the rough water.  Others smacked their faces with food as they tried to eat it, and spilling the soda on them.  We quickly realized land is the best place to eat, not on the water.  Nevertheless, everyone on board enjoyed the ride.  To congratulate my birthday, the other 5 members of the group prepared a small cake for me, but it was not possible to light the candles due to the strong winds.

Although it made us embarrassed, it was funny episode.  One friend prepared a small surprise gift to give me later, but in order to clean up some spilt soda, she mistakenly placed it on the table out in the open for everyone to see.  I didn’t mind, and thanks to everyone at my small birthday party event, I and everyone spent the day laughing and creating an unforgettable memory.  I will never forget my 21st birthday.  There was no big cake or expensive food, but it was one of the happiest moments of my life.


Tips for the Excursion  

Indeed, driving the boat is not difficult, but here are some tips to better enjoy the experience.  First, prepare some blankets to keep warm.  The wind off the river can be quite chilly.  For this reporter, the land temperature was warm, but the boat ride was cold due to the strong cold wind.  Second, call the Tubester office before going to make sure it is operating the day and time you wish to go.  Our group didn’t call ahead of time, so we were almost disappointed.  Call prior to going to the place just to be sure.  Third, buy a ticket online as it’s the cheapest payment option.  Online the tickets are only 25,000 won for 1 hour.  Lastly, as mentioned, the best way to enjoy a meal while there is to do it on land.  Eating on the water is not easy.  Bring some seasickness medicine as well.  Among our group of 6, 2 suffered from seasickness and another 2 felt uncomfortable.  Renting a Tubester is great fun, but this reporter recommends enjoying the boat ride without eating.  These tips will surely help you have a great experience with Tubester!

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