Universities Should Help Students Become the Main Players on Campus
Universities Should Help Students Become the Main Players on Campus
  • Song Yoon Heejeong
  • 승인 2017.09.05 11:35
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On August 1, the PRIME business group hosted a special lecture entitled ‘A Study on Effective Preparation for University Structural Reform’ for Sookmyung faculty.  The lecture ran from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Veritas Building.  Speaker Bae Sanghoon, a professor from Sungkyunkwan University and chief of University Education Innovation Center, said, “It is important for students to be given a lot of access and links to various fi elds, so universities must not forgo good teaching and keep preparing students for possibilities.”  In the near future, the number of graduates will decrease noticeably, thereby making it difficult to select excellent work personnel.  For this reason, universities must recognize the necessity of renovation.  In addition, Bae added that he hopes students at Sookmyung rise to key shareholders on campus.  During the lecture, Bae discussed the future of higher education by looking at examples both in and outside of Korea.  He also presented his ideas for post-secondary organization reform based on his study data.  After his lecture, a number of various school personnel asked about particulars regarding his idea for bettering the educational environment for students.  Jo Samsup, professor from Public Relations & Advertising, who joined the lecture, said he voluntarily enrolled for the lecture in order to prepare 2 university evaluation as Vice-Chief of Education.  Jo claimed to be impressed by Sungkyunkwan University’s successful management of its students.  From Bae’s lecture, Jo said he got some insight into the direction SMU should take.  Also, the lecture left all participants thinking about paths Sookmyung should travel down in the near future.

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