Value Up, Come Up! : Ideas for Better a Yongmun Traditional Market
Value Up, Come Up! : Ideas for Better a Yongmun Traditional Market
  • Kim Lee Jihyun
  • 승인 2017.09.05 16:27
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On July 27th, at the awards ceremony for the ‘Value up, Come up!’ student competition, which was held in the Campus Town Base Center, the winners for the competition were announced.  The purpose of the competition was to gather student ideas on how to revitalize the Yongmun Traditional Market.  43 student teams participated in this competition and 11 were chosen as fi nalists and asked to present their ideas on the 27th.  From these 11 fi nalists, 6 were honoured with awards.  For the awards ceremony, students, professors, the campus town enterprise organization, and merchants from Yongmun traditional market attended.  After the initial opening ceremony, student groups briefly presented their ideas and activities.  The ideas were fresh and their efforts to come up with those innovations were truly remarkable.  Some of the proposals included: creating a Yongmun Market magazine, turning unused space into rooftop or practice room, and using SNS platforms to promote the market.  Following their presentations, discussions were held to provide feedback on the ideas.  Cherry Lim, representative of Campus Town Enterprise Center, explained “Campus Town Enterprise Center is sponsored by Seoul City, and the aim of the Center is to connect campuses to the local economy to result in win-win benefi ts.  Soookmyung Women’s University is one of 13 participating universities.” She also added, “It was incredibly inspiring to view students’ fresh ideas and passion.  With the contest being held again next semester, I hope to see just as much interest and uniqueness.” Yu Lown and Oh Yonsu, students in the department of Environmental Design’ 15, who formed Yongsan Columbus and were the grand prize recipients, said “We have always been interested in these types of initiatives and are, in fact, members of a club that focuses on such projects.  However, this contest gave us the opportunity to gain financial support from Campus Town Enterprise Center, so we can now much more easily realize our idea.”

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