A Style of One's Own
Kim Lee Jihyun  |  smt_kjh@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2017.09.06  11:07:06
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Have you ever wondered, “Students in arts and fashion must be fashionable?” You might have even imaged them as trendsetters wearing the latest fashion items in full picture-perfect make-up.  “Not true” says Inae, student in the Department of Clothing & Textiles.  “Looking good each day takes work, so we generally wear gym clothes and forgo contacts for eyeglasses.” Still, she makes an effort to be unique from others and that her fashion statement reflects her personality, yet still seen by others as trendy. 


Kim Inae
Department of Clothing & Textiles’ 17
+ Top H&M 13,000won
+ Sadang Station vintage dress shop 5,000won
+ Shoes ABC Mart 89,000won
+ Necklace Graduation gift from mother price unknown
+ Blush MAC Powder Blush-Burnt Pepper 13,000won

Q. How does today’s idea of style differ from your own? 

Personally, I enjoy wearing vintage clothing such as used pants, skirts, or dresses, so I frequently visit vintage clothing markets in Jongno and Sadang.  Older clothing items have conspicuous patterns, so it is difficult to wear pieces under them.  As a result, I tend to merely layer my outfit with ordinary cotton t-shirts.  I believe socks are important to a look, so I opt for a color that matches either my top or my pants.

Q. You definitely have a style of your own.  What in particular, do you think, separately you from others? 

My blush.  I enjoy putting on blush.  One day I may use orange, and other day, I may use rose.  I also enjoy mixing several blush colours to create my own colour.  Typically, my cheeks are what people notice first, but today, worrying about your impression of me during the interview, I’ve shown some strong restraint and controlled my colour choice.

Q. Thank you for giving us chance to meet you.  Before leaving you, would you like to leave any final words for fellow Sookmyungians? 

Honestly, I am proud to be a Sookmyungain.  I hope other Sookmyungians enjoy school life being proud of themselves and their school.  Last, I hope Sookmyungians see their importance and start focusing on themselves and stop following others or comparing themselves to others.


Recommended Item

Blush MAC Powder Blush-Burnt Pepper $23
Top H&M Crape Top-Yellow 17,000 won
Shoes LACOSTE Lancelle BL 125,000 won
Dress MIXXO Sleeveless Check Pattern Button One Piece-Camel 59,900 won
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