The Secret of Employment Success: A Meeting with Alumni in September
The Secret of Employment Success: A Meeting with Alumni in September
  • Choi Shin Woohyun
  • 승인 2017.11.09 04:21
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On September 18, the Office of Employment Support hosted an event in which alumnus spoke with younger schoolmates at the Student Union Building in room 301.  At the event, alumnus currently employed at CJ Foodville Marketing Team has attended.  Lee Youri, staff at the Office of Employment Support service, said, “The event was organized so that students could resolve questions they had about particular companies and to gain more insight into each company from alumni interaction.”  Speaker Oh Sooyoung, graduate of the Department of Consumer Economics ‘11, briefly described the hiring practices at CJ Foodville and the overall direction students should take preparing for employment by citing her personal resume and personal statement essay.  Later, a question-and-answer session, centered on participant questions, was held so that students could better prepare for employment.  Kang Yunseo, Department of Economics ‘16, said, “I got more from this event than other job-prep classes because I was able to ask questions and create a roadmap for my path towards employment, and I learnt what I need to do right now on campus.”  In September, a total of three meeting were arranged for Sookmyung Women’s University students to meet with recently employed graduates from various enterprises including CJ Foodville, Hyundai Department Store Co., Ltd., and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  The meetings are expected to continue, especially during recruitment periods, Sookmyungians should keep an eye on SnoWe for event notices.

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