My Mr. Right, the Reporter
My Mr. Right, the Reporter
  • Kee Seong Eun-hye
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1981, Born in Seoul

2000, Graduated fromHyundaiHigh School

2000~2001, The Sookmyung Times Reporter

2001~2002, The Sookmyung Times Editor-in-Chief

2005, Graduated from Sookmyung Women’s University

   Division of English Language and Literature

2005, Joined The Herald

The press called the forth section of the country, following the legislature, the judicature, and the administration has a great influence in the world.  Nowadays, people who want to join the press are steadily increasing for these reasons that the press can voice the people’s opinion being representative of the people, and have freedom of speech.

For the Sookmyungians interested in the press, The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met alumna, Cho Chung-un (Cho) who is the reporter of The Korea Herald, and has 3 years career there.  How about listening her saying about the real life of reporters those the reporter says.

SMT: How did you become a reporter? What led you dream that you would be a reporter, first?

Cho: Once I had had an experience of English newspaper club during my high school days.  Therefore, I joined SMT when entered the university in a very natural way.  There was a ‘May day’ which is May 1 and when people struggle for the labor’s right then.  I went on the spot when I was a freshman.  Because I was born in and grew up in Seoul , there was no pain in my life until that moment.  So, it was the first time for me to feel that kinds of situation.  Labors, the weak, and the poor…….  They screamed, slaughtered, shed blood, and fought against the government.  It really shocked me in cultural, and social.  Standing there, I thought about ‘What can I do for them, and for the people who don’t know about what do I see and feel and shock?’  I convinced myself of announcing the fact to the people at the moment.  The shock made me become a reporter and be a reporter until now.

SMT: Is there something that you could never have gained if you were not a reporter?  If there is, can you tell us?

Cho: It is ‘People.’  If I were not a reporter, I couldn’t have gained the people and also I couldn’t have known the people now as much as I know.  Reporter is the job which meets people and gains something from the conversation.  I worked 3 years as a reporter and during this time, I met many people whom I couldn’t have met if I were not a reporter.  Saying more one of them, I met Debra Kocher, vice-president of CNN recently.  She inspired me a lot.  When I met her, I was thinking of ‘Should I have kept my job?’  That moment, she told me, “Becoming a women reporter is pretty hard.  I also had suffered that time similar with you.  However, if you have a dream, just go forward and never give up.”  She is my role model and find picture that I dream.

SMT: What are the privileges that only reporters have in your thought?  

Cho: The biggest privilege that reporters have is having access to meet people whom I told before.  However, reporters also have responsibility under the privilege.  To meet those people, we should study hard.  It is because there are much more intellectual things which are required.  Another privilege that we can get is access about any information.  If we want to know about the incident, we can phone to the police officer.  It is because we are the representatives of people even though members of private organizations.  Representing people, we have to satisfy their curiosity.  Therefore we have a right to ask questions and have an access about information  

SMT: On the way that you got the job, Is there any special experience that helped you become a reporter?

Cho: I believe that joined SMT is the most memorable experience for me and made a sacrifice of me for becoming a reporter.  By experiencing that, I could know more about the reporter and ‘Oh, it is the reporter,’ something like that.  Also, I got characteristics of reporters: Being friendly with people in a short time, and being a quick-witted by going abroad.  I attended aUniversity ofToronto on an exchange scholarship.  I met lots of people studying with students whom came from all the nations of the world and talking with them there.  Especially, English newspapers have more broad view than Korean newspapers since not only Koreans also foreigners read them.  So, there is an international standard of the view: Be broad, simple and objective.  I think we can get those things with more experience and more meeting of people.

SMT: There is an inordinate illusion about the reporter that people have in common.  Actually, some people want to be a reporter due to the illusion.  Did you have the illusion about your job before you became a reporter, and if you had, can you explain us the difference between the illusion and the fact?

Cho: Well, I didn’t have any illusion.  Just, reporter was Mr. Right for me in case of man. So, I took several tests and finally became a reporter.  As soon as I entered the company, I went around police stations.  About for a month, I did it and went there from 6 a.m.  During that time, I saw a person who shed blood, aunties beaten by someone and heard about floating corpse on theHan River resulted from a case of murder.  It was the experience that the entry level reporters must have suffered.  What is more, when I came back the company after go around police stations in the morning and afternoon; seniors offered me cups of alcohol a lot.  Because I was young and women, they wanted to make me strong.  I realized that it is not a reporter who lives in a grand style and visits good places frequently then.

SMT: Please give concrete advices for the Sookmyungians who dream a reporter.

Cho: Get out of the local outlook.  Do not think as same as letters on the book.  The world never works on as it is written on the book.  There is tolerance.  Be a person who is open-minded.  You do have that, you can absorb well as a reporter.  Also, reporters do not put on airs.  Reporter is not a haughty job.  It is a job understanding other people so reporters have to be understandable others and listen other’s opinion carefully rather than speak out their opinion.  These things are out of studying.  You should study hard, too.   And put up with hardships are necessary, isn’t it?

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