School: Where Real Psychic Power Lies
Kim Lee Daye  |  smt_kdy@sookmyung.ac.kr
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Have you ever imagined being a psychic or using supernatural power?  It’s likely that most of you have, at least once in your life.  People also fantasize that there may even exist a school for students possessing psychic powers.  Others even dream that they are suddenly going to be endowed with some sort of psychic power while at school.  In this edition of The Sookmyung Times, reporters invite you to a unique school for special students.  Enjoy the visit!


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

“It’s time for you to learn what you can do.”
- Miss Peregrine



Miss Peregrine manages a home for very special children.  Jake’s grandfather used to tell him stories about Miss Peregrine’s home and the children there when he was a child.  After the death of Jake’s grandfather, Jake becomes depressed.  Concerned, Jake's parents permit Jake to visit his grandfather’s hometown, which is the setting of the stories the grandfather used to tell about.  The beauty of the place has long been ruined by war, and no one seems to have lived there for years.  However, the characters in the stories told by Jake’s grandfather still reside in the home hidden from the rest of the world.  Upon discovering the hidden existence of the house and the characters, Jake finds he has special powers too.  He can see monsters.  Because of Jake, Miss Peregrine’s home becomes the target of Baron who eat peculiar children’s eyes.  Jake must take up the responsibility of protecting the children in the house.  Will the children without help and protection of Miss Peregrine be able to defeat Baron and live happily ever after in the home?



As shown on the book cover, the images highlight the feeling of the past when the story may have actually happened.  Because of the cover, readers become more absorbed in the book when reading it.  While reading this book, you will be touched by the love of Miss Peregrine for the children and can ponder the idea of “being normal”.  The children living at the house would not be able to survive out of the real world.  They would be persecuted by others for being different, and as a result, they live hidden from the rest of the world.  The second most impressive thing of the novel is the bond and cooperation between characters.  he children use their uniqueness to cooperate and overcome danger, especially when they must fight against the cruelty of Baron in order to survive.  Had they not cooperated, they wouldn’t have defeated the monsters that threatened their lives.  Lastly, you will sense the strong love of Jake’s grandfather for the children.  Jake’s grandfather devoted his life to protect his grandson, Jake, who has special abilities.  Does any of these provoke your interest?  Then, this SMT reporter highly recommends this book.






“You are not a bad person. I know that.
That's all it matters.”
- Matt Gerretti



A sick mother, an alcoholic father, and school violence.  Andrew is a typical student who is unfortunate.  One day, he and his friends Matt and Steve attend a party when they notice something shiny.  They faint at its sight and wake only to realize that they now possess supernatural powers.  Using their strange powers, they play jokes on others.  However, their powers grow stronger daily.  One day, when Andrew is assaulted by his father, Andrew becomes angry and defends himself against his father’s attack with his supernatural power. This sparks something dark in Andrew and he gradually loses himself and abuses his power. Andrew becomes the strongest among all his friends with powers, so no one is able to stop him.  The city and its people are terrified of Andrew.  Who will defeat Andrew?  What will happen to the city?  Will Andrew ever become normal again?



“If there is no final end of striving, there is no measure and end of suffering”.  This is the famous line in ‘The World as Will and Representation’ of Schopenhauer.  The movie illustrates this line because it focuses on Andrew and his friends’ desires of being strong and the results of those desires.  The movie presents the negative aspects of having ‘supernatural powers’; which is the danger of instability and power.  On the surface, the powers which Andrew and his friends possess are merely common psychic powers, but as the film progresses, audiences can see how quickly these super-human abilities can corrupt a person and do incredible harm.  The film makes moviegoers think about the influence of violence as well as an unstable condition on one’s life.  Furthermore, moviegoers will realize it is drawing the minds of three characters in detail.  It is interesting to watch the characters change, the situations evolve, and Andrew’s relationship with his friends crumble all due to the gift of a supernatural power.  If you are interested in unconventional superhuman movies, this is one you should not miss.




Kim Lee Daye
Hong Kim Gyeongmin


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