Girls Be Ambitious!
Girls Be Ambitious!
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I meet elementary school students every Saturday because I volunteer as a teacher. One day I asked my students about their dreams for the future. Their answers were very varied. Some students said “My dream is to be the President of Korea.”Another student said “I want to be a diplomat.”Like this, most young students have big dreams and high ambitions.

University students also had big dreams when they were younger. However, they lose their dreams as time goes by and, only focus on finding steady jobs. Actually, according to the Catholic University of Korea, 30 percent of Korean university students want to be public servants and study to pass the national examination. And according to the Korea Employment Information Service, 20 percent of women university students want to be teachers. Maybe most Sookmyungians also are included among two group of students.

Experts suppose that the Korean economy is unstable that university students are choosing steady jobs. I agree with and understand this opinion; however, I feel frustrated. Why are they afraid of the challenge of dreaming big? I think university students are young and passionate enough to make an effort to make their great dreams come true. If students have only small dreams, they won’t realize their possibility and won’t develop themselves. Therefore I believe they should be ambitious for developing their potential energy.

Lastly, I ask you:  "What is your dream?"

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