Is University Education Necessary?
Is University Education Necessary?
  • Yang Minah
  • 승인 2018.09.09 12:24
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Nowadays, many students in South Korea attend universities.  Looking at this phenomenon, some people are saying that a university education is essential for everyone.  However, I strongly believe that university is not essential for everyone and people should have choices of going or not.  First of all, each and every person has their own dreams.  University might not be a correct answer for some people.  For example, if one student wants to compose pop music, it will be better for that student to compose music without going to university because South Korea universities normally don’t have pop music classes.  Going to university for this student will be a waste of time because the student will not be able to learn what he or she wants.  Another reason why a university education is unnecessary for everyone is because not everyone can afford the money to go to university.  In South Korea, cost for going to university is usually very expensive.  Even students who are attending university already, think that it’s expensive.  If a university education becomes essential, everyone will need to go to universities and this will be a huge burden on students or families who can’t afford the money.  Last but not least, if a university education becomes essential, students will earn more stress of going to university.  Students, especially, high school students, are already very stressed with studying and preparing to go to university.  If it becomes essential to go to university in South Korea, the competition between students will get worse.  This will mean that they will earn even more stress from it and eventually no one will enjoy going to university.  In conclusion, I believe that university is unnecessary for everyone because it is useless for some people, costs a lot of money and will cause stress for students.

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