Learning How to Obtain and Use Academic Information
Learning How to Obtain and Use Academic Information
  • Oh Kim Youbin
  • 승인 2018.10.09 01:20
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On September 5, a program designed to details how to use academic information was carried out in Song Youngsook Media Lab in the Main Library of Sookmyung Women’s University.  This program’s aim was assisting students to improve their knowledge by learning how to utilize the library’s resources and informations.  The program was sponsored by the Academic Information Services Team, and it was open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  The program’s activities ran from September 5 to 19, but the time and theme of the educational programs diff ered each day.  On September 5, the focus was learning how to search for academic information.  Participants learnt a number of ways of obtaining useful information as well as how to directly search for information on the website of Main Library.  Students were also taught how to cite reference s on their thesis.  One of the program’s participants, Sohn Yurim, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering ’18 said, “I didn’t know our school library had so many resources available to students.  Through this program, I learnt how to fi nd information and how to decide whether or not it properly fi t my needs.”  Like Sohn, many students were given the unique opportunity of learning how to obtain and search for information.  Kim Sooyeoun, a member of the Academic Information Services Team, who lectured students on one of the program’s days, said, “Sookmyung has invested a lot of money in academic information purchases.  However, many students are not using the information because they are not fully aware of what the library has to off er them.  Through this program, I hope students use more materials in our library.”  The Main Library is planning on off ering more programs like this in the future in the hopes that more students take advantage of the library.


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