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승인 2018.10.10  19:03:50
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 네이버 구글 msn

On October 4, 2018, a special lecture on tips for writing reports was held at Queen Sunheon Building, room 509A.  The lecture is one of several in the Learning Strategy Workshop series held each semester, but the theme of this lecture was found to be very popular among students.  The lecturer was Kim Byunggil, Professor of College of General Education, and after brief explanations of principles and tips about report writing, he presented several samples of difficulties students typically encounter when writing.  Professor Kim gave students key insight into methods and elements that are essential to the overall process of selecting an appropriate topic, compiling research sources, and the writing process as well as he gave illustrative examples of poor writing and how to avoid those mistakes.  After students enter university, they must frequently submit reports as homework, but they lack the knowledge of how to prepare a report properly.  These workshops, then, are usually attended by Freshmen.  Lee Eungyeol, Department of Political Science and International Relations ’18 said, “I have trouble with classes because I have never learnt how to properly write reports at the level required in university.  This was the main reason I joined this workshop, to learn how to write properly and how to properly use and cite resources as support.”  For Lee and many like her, these workshops are great opportunities to get useful information about writing, but the tips and guides not only benefited those in lower grades, they were also good refreshers for upper year students aspiring to write better.  The Learning Strategy Workshop series will continue every Thursday from November 8 to 22, and will be a blended event combining lectures and explicatory samples.

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