Learning about Futuristic Technology, AWS
Learning about Futuristic Technology, AWS
  • Kim Ma Seunghee
  • 승인 2019.03.03 22:29
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From January 16 to February 1, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Academy program, led by PRIME Project Group, was held at Renaissance Plaza, room 401. The goal of the program was to raise experts in using Cloud. The target participants were Sookmyungians who were majoring, double-majoring, or minoring in engineering and who had already completed the class on basic cloud computing. The program had three parts: lectures, labs, and discussion. Lecturer Hong Suntae, Vice President of The Cloudist, a corporation that has had a special agreement with Sookmyung since December 2017 gave lectures covering topics such as IT infrastructure, cloud computing, and AWS at the working-level approach. Lecturer Hong said that Sookmyungians would be discovering various opportunities and possibilities beyond the textbook since cloud technology covers various areas. He also believes the program will be helpful to Sookmyungians’ career. However, Hong said he felt worried that the program may cover topics too quickly due to the limited time, but he hopes he can inspire Sookmyungians and introduce them to more various opportunities. Even though the program was held during the winter vacation, Sookmyungians who participated in the program showed their eagerness and interest about cloud computing. Lee Yuna, Department of IT Engineering ’15, said, “Through the program, I learnt much more than just about cloud. Cloud computing is more complicated and various than I expected.” She also said that it would be interesting to consider cloud computing as career because it involves promising futuristic technology. Since the program covered was specialized, the program allowed Sookmyungians to freely explore information about cloud computing and discuss it with an expert in the field.

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