100th Anniversary of the March First Independence Movement
Oh Kim Youbin  |  smt_kyb@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2019.03.28  18:57:14
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From March 4 to 29, the exhibition 'Dream of the Imperial Family of Korean Empire, Flame of Independence at Sookmyung' was held at Sookmyung’s Heritage Hall and in the lobby of Queen Sunheon Building. The exhibition was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the March first independence movement. At the exhibition, students could explore Sookmyung’s history and people who fought against the Japanese Empire such as Park Jahye, Ahn Younghee, and Kim Jongjin. In addition, there was information about the independence movement to introduce the past to Sookmyungians. Choi Hyerin, staff at the exhibition and a member of Sookmyung Cultural Volunteers which is a leadership group said, “The exhibition was created to remember the March first independence movement, but we wanted to focus on the female resistance fighters who were relatively unknown among Koreans. Some of the resistance fighters were Sookmyung alumni, but many current Sookmyungians do not know this fact. I believe if Sookmyungians show sincere interest in the exhibition, it will be more meaningful." Like her advice, the exhibition had two parts, Sookmyung and the celebration of the anniversary of the independence movement. Especially, in the second part, there was a button in the bottom. Anyone pressing the button would hear clear explanations of news stories at that time. Two exhibition visitors, Kim Hyeonju, Department of Biological Sciences ’19, and Jeong Seohui, Division of Economics ’19, said, “We got interested in the event through the SNS posting, so we decided to visit the exhibition. Now that we have seen it, we feel even more proud about being at Sookmyung, and we learned how Sookmyung has developed. It was really beneficial for us.” Like Jeong and Kim, the exhibition was really meaningful and beneficial for Sookmyungians, especially those who didn’t know much about Sookmyung’s history and the March independence movement.

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