Select Happiness for the Sake of Your Mental Health
Kim Ma Seunghee  |  smt_msh@sookmyung.ac.kr
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On March 8 and 22, the Student Counseling Center held a program that focused on the topic ‘Mental Health for Females in Their Twenties’. The purpose of the program was to help Sookmyungians learn to cope with a psychological crisis by providing information on how to deal with problems. “Many students who are experiencing a crisis have it aggravated when other problems like relationship issues occur. As an alumnae of Sookmyung, I want to provide each Sookmyungian with the knowledge to handle anxiety so that they can cope with their problems successfully and wisely,” stated Park Ae-Sun, a newly appointed Director of the Student Counseling Center. The program was comprised of lectures given by Head of Health Services at Seoul Medical Center Lee Haewoo. Lee’s lecture was given on March 8, and Lee discussed how to take care of one’s mental state and how to deal with conflict to prevent a mental breakdown using authentic examples. The latter lecture has focused on the topic of how to cope with the psychological crisis, with the title of ‘The Understanding and Response to the Psychological Crisis’. Lee HaYoon, Department of Culture & Tourism ‘16, who attended the lecture by Lee, said, “Lee presented a fresh perspective on depression and anxiety that incorporated brain science.” While a similar lecture was held by the Student Counseling Center last semester as part of a lecture series on mental health with participant numbers at 100-120, about 20 Sookmyungians participated in the program this time. Meanwhile, Park emphasized that faculty including professors need to know about the mental health of students since they exist for them. As Park emphasized more than half of the participants were faculty. The program gave all people at Sookmyung the chance to learn more about the mental health of young people in their twenties and help them live happier university days.

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