New ROTC Recruits at Sookmyung
New ROTC Recruits at Sookmyung
  • Lee Hwang Hayoung
  • 승인 2019.04.01 21:31
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On March 20, Sookmyung’s ROTC held a recruitment presentation honoring its 60th and 61st new member recruits in Room 322 of Myungshin building. Sookmyung Women’s University’s Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) is the first ROTC to be established at a women’s university. This year marks its 10th anniversary. ROTC selects competent university students to join its program of military training for 2 years. It aims at nurturing officers who are both talented in their studies and in military expertise as well. Each year, the number of interested persons increases. Surprisingly, at this event, the director of Sookmyung’s ROTC made an appearance and hosted the program. He gave the new recruits plenty of advice and presented lots of advantages of being a ROTC cadet. Among his comments was that being a ROTC cadet fulfills a national public service. Second, the training cadets receive education them to be better leaders in society, so after completing the ROTC program, students will have the skills that are needed to succeed. Last, recruits have opportunities to obtain national certifications. Kim Su A, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering ‘19 said “I came to the presentation because I was highly considering applying to be a ROTC cadet. After listening to the lecture and watching senior ROTC I was inspired to join even more. When I saw students wearing their ROTC uniform on campus, I thought it’s really cool.” Like Kim, there were many students who were impressed by their appearance. Choo Cheongwon, Department of Culture and Tourism ‘15 and Commander of Sookmyung ROTC said, “I vividly recall the 3km run. Sookmyung ROTC officers ran in unison so that everyone received their commission. Even during the 40km march when is likely at least one officer could fall behind, we marched altogether the entire time. Although there are times of extreme difficulties, I endure because there is always someone with me.” She also added that there are many things to experience as a ROTC cadet and officer, from the beginning to the end.  If Sookmyungians join ROTC, you will surely sense the pride of being a ROTC cadet.

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