Briefing Session for ‘Up the Value, Up Together’
Kwak Lee Shinyoung  |  smt_lsy@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2019.04.08  17:36:20
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On March 26, a briefing session for the 3rd ‘Up the Value, Up Together’ seminar was held in Room 215 of Myungshin Building at 5 p.m. The session was open to anyone interested in business. The presentation began with a greeting from the head of Campus Town Enterprise Organization. He spoke highly of the competition event as a good chance to business operations and as a door to the founding of students’ own enterprise in the future. The event is aimed at increasing public attention towards regions of Seoul generally neglected including Yongmun Traditional Market and Yongsan Electronics Market. This year’s theme of ‘Up the Value, Up Together’ is activation of the cultural, historical, and social aspects of Yongsan. At the initial stage, students should form groups of no more than 5 members. Then, all members work together to formulate suggestions on how to accomplish the objective of this year’s event. They need to focus on a certain place and then design plans that could turn their ideas into reality. At the March 26th seminar, the host explained the program details such as the event schedule, competition registration, selection criteria, and prizes that would be allotted to the winning team. The host also introduced the previous year’s prize-winning work. The application period ran from March 27 to April 3 in Administration Building, and document submission is from April 1 to 9. After participants submit required documents, they must then send pictures of their initial field survey through e-mail. Document screening took place on April 10, and groups selected for presentation evaluation was called to present on April 12. Each presentation required students to prepare a short slideshow or video that introduces their plans for maximum of 10 minutes. The winning group is Yongsama for the first place, and there are five other teams for second and third place.  They received prize money and additional funding support for further activities. The competition is a great opportunity for any student considering starting up their own business in the future because most of the program mimics real-world business operations. At this point, the event will surely benefit Sookmyungians dreaming of becoming successful women.

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