Let’s Talk about Feminism
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승인 2019.04.08  18:17:13
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On March 20, an interview program for author Penelope Bagieu was held on the fifth floor of the Main Library in C·C Plaza. Online pre-registration was open to all Sookmyungians. The event was hosted by the Main Library of Sookmyung Women's University’s Research Institute of Asian Women (RINW) and the Department of French Language & Culture. The goal of the program was to foster proper understanding of feminism and introduce Bagieu’s books. Bagieu gave her lecture in the form of question and answer session, and simultaneous translation was performed by the Library Director. Bagieu began with these words, "The world has changed a lot. However, women are still largely ignored. Women need to be able to speak out without fear.” One attendee asked, "How can we ensure young children to be aware of feminism?" Bagieu responded, "In fairy tales and novels, women are described as weak individuals who need rescuing; for instance, women are shown as shouting at the sight of a spider. Also, strong animals such as lions and tigers all have male characteristics in books. Perception is created from an early age, so we need to correct with gender roles. In my version, the maid who runs up to their room and hides in the bed at the sight of a mouse is male. We need to correct these images immediately.” Commenting on the program, Kim Nayoon, Department of Public Information & Advertising ‘16, said, "I am grateful for such a great lecture. It was a unique experience. Rather than the typical one-directional lecture, author and students could interact with each other. Therefore, I could learn how to resolve personal issues that I’ve always struggled alone. It was a great opportunity to broaden my thinking." To end her talk, Bagieu said, "Some feminists wear skirts and put on makeup. Don't judge whether one is a feminist or not by their appearance. Just Keep in mind a proper understanding of feminism." The mind does not have a sex, and the human anatomy is not destiny. A proper approach to feminism is change, so let’s start with the basics and take action.

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