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승인 2019.05.30  21:50:40
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On May 7, a press interview under the title ‘Meeting of the Entire Student Council’ was held in front of the PRIME Center. Sookmyungians including the 51st Student Council gathered to voice one loud opinion. The purpose of the press interview was to review the electoral process for the president and urge new measures to be implemented by the university. The event began with a briefing on pending issues and progress by Student Council President, Hwang Jisoo. Hwang said, “We have demanded improvements and students’ attendance of election system for the president since 2016. Now is the time to revise the point system that TF Team (the group investigating concerns) put forth. The impartial team is made up of only one student representative among its seven members.” After her opening comments, three additional speakers followed. During their talk, students attending the event shouted out the agreement in unison. The event ended with reading the report of the press conference. Sookmyungians, who participated in the conference, vowed to be part of the presidential electoral process and demanded more than 25% of the votes reflect students. This was the first press interview in which the entire Student Council appeared before students. One of the attendees, Moon Jieun, Department of Business Administration ’18, said, “I am proud of the role I will play in the development of Sookmyung. The event was monumental in inspiring college spirit and a sense of belonging.” All attendees including her hoped ‘Meeting of the Entire Student Council’ could be succeeded. Consequently, on May 23, the total 2,990 Sookmyungians were gathered. It was more than enough for a quorum, which was 1,010 members, 10% of Sookmyungians. As a result, two agendas, which were ‘Urging for students’ attendance of election system for the president’ and ‘Pursuing the open talk with the president and the board of directors’ were passed. The effort for the introduction of direct election system will be continued during the rest of the year. 

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