Make Society More Sustainable
Make Society More Sustainable
  • Kim Han Yujin
  • 승인 2019.06.01 22:47
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On April 30, Kim Bookyum, former minister of Public Administration and Security, was invited to speak at the Samsung Convention Center at Centennial Hall. The lecture was hosted by the Main Library at Sookmyung Women’s University and preceded with a welcoming speech by Moon Siyeon, director of the library. After Moon’s welcoming speech, Kim spoke with the audience. He said that society’s problems are diverse and needed to be addressed through more sustainable measures. Kim claimed that rapid developments in politics and the economy in Korea have led to a “successful but unhappy” Korean society. Kim emphasized the need to grow happiness and that coexistence can exist alongside economic growth. He also discussed gender inequality in Korean society and said that discrimination against women is a serious problem not only because it is important morally but it also advances a society’s growth. At the end of his lecture, Kim said, “I hope everyone who attended to my lecture today works towards the creation of sustainable measures to solve social problems and realizes that solidarity makes the nation much more powerful.” He went on to say, “I’m impressed by Sookmyungians’ profundity of thinking and hope you continue to think deeply about society.” Jeong Saeyeon, Department of English Language & Literature ’19 said, “This was a great lecture. It made me think about how we should work toward an ideal society. As part of the younger generation in Korean society, I feel a sense of responsibility to solve social problems and Kim’s lecture gave me the inspiration and ideas that are needed to create solutions. Moreover, I understood the talk by the former minister well because I learned about much of what he referred to in a course on capitalism I took.” Like Jeong, many Sookmyungians could think about how they can build a better society and make it more sustainable by the lecture.

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